4 reasons you're wrong about trade shows

Every once in a while I’ll read an article on why trade shows and conferences are a waste of time (and money) and how they are on the way out. I’ve attended a handful of trade shows every year for almost 12 years and my perspective on trade shows is a little brighter.

Here’s my list of a few great reasons to attend a trade show.

  • The social aspect – this is the top point for me personally. We have clients all over the country and seeing them at the trade shows is a huge deal. We are all super busy at shows but always try to leave time to talk and socialize. Also, there’s always a few people who you interact with on the phone, email and social but never get to meet…except at the shows. Love that.
  • Marketing/Industry vibes – Even if you’re not in marketing, it’s a great time to soak in the environment and feel the vibes of various exhibitors’ logos, signage, booth wear – even which companies employ booth babes vs. vendor spokespeople hired for the event.
  • Face to face meetings with colleagues, partners and clients – Weekly calls, daily emails and social media interaction do not make-up for the ability to sit down at the show to plan, tie up loose ends to a project or bounce ideas around. This can be so convenient when everyone is in the same location and usually with limited time – making meetings brief and to the point.
  • Gets you out of the bubble – It’s easy to get stuck in the bubble of your own company. A trade show gives you the opportunity to actually step out of your daily routine, walk the floor and hear how other technologies and products are being presented. You’ll see what other companies are doing, not doing, kicking ass at, etc. It can be really inspirational and help you to think more precisely about what your company is doing.

All in all, I have to say I’m for trade shows. I think if you are given the opportunity to go…..go.

What do you like most about trade shows? Let us know at info@lrgmarketing.com.

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About the Author: Sara Chaput

Sara Chaput

Sara is the Vice President of Public Relations at LRG Marketing Communications.