How to launch a new security product

Everyone appreciates the introduction of state-of-the-art, innovative products in the physical security industry.  From the integrators to security trade publications, the launch of a truly new security product can really get people talking. In order to achieve maximum buzz, the launch should be fun and intriguing, all while providing relevant information about the product. When it comes to launching any new product, creating attention-grabbing materials is key. Below are a few ways to help hype up the announcement of a new product into the security market.


We all know that creating the right content for a new security product is important.  Producing information for the product page, the specification sheet and other materials entails a lot of preplanning, time and details.

  • Product page

The product page should include features and the benefits of the product. This is where all information regarding the product should live.  Remember, it is imperative to have precise information about the product on this page as it is where potential consumers, resellers, integrators and even security trade editors will come to scope out the product – and because it will help optimize the page for search engines. If possible, it’s also nice to include a video of how the product works on the product page.  Videos can give visitors a quick overview of the product, as well as highlight the benefits of the product for people who’d rather watch than read the full page.  Having both can be an asset as some people take in information better through auditory learning rather than reading.

  • Spec sheet

The spec sheet for the security product is often created by the product managers and engineers. This is a sheet that most integrators and resellers will look at if they’re interested in purchasing the product and/or if they’re “spec-ing” out information for a potential client’s project.  For that reason, it’s vital to have a spec sheet that provides the essential information for this group of people.

Email Marketing (eBlasts)

Eblasts are a great tool for letting customers, security trade publications, resellers and integrators know what’s on the up and up. See my colleague Luke’s post for best practices in email marketing for more information on making your eblasts great.

Press Release

Press releases are news stories that play a huge role in announcing a new security product. The headline for the press release should be catchy, yet informative and include keywords so that it’s optimized for search.  Be sure to include the name of the product right up front, along with features and benefits of the product.  Always include contact information so that readers can inquire about the product.

Launch party or event

I think it’s fun if a company decides to host a party or event (especially at a unique location) for the launch of a new product. Now obviously this does not have to be for every new product the company develops, but once in a while it’s a fresh, creative idea (especially because it’s not seen too much in this industry).  The launch party/event creates even more PR for the new product (and company).

Product demo

That’s right!  Yes press releases will catch the eye of a few editors, but it’s nice to invite editors from security trade publications to the launch party to view the demonstration of the product.  This will allow press members to actually view and learn the benefits of the product and how the product works rather than reading a press release.  Imagine if you had to read press releases day in and day out!  You would be happy to see it demonstrated at the company launch party rather than sitting and reading another press release.


Timing is everything when deciding to launch a product. A great time to launch a product is right before a major trade show.  Making an announcement in this timeframe allows for people to take in the information that is sent to them prior the tradeshow.  If folks are attending the trade show, they can see and demo the product for themselves. You can even host a separate press event during off-peak hours.  During this time, not many companies are revealing new products, so this is will be the company’s time to shine with an event that showcases their product.

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