How to use LinkedIn to attract prospects

Today’s B2B customers look a lot like B2C consumers. Prospects are spending more time on purchase decisions, with more options to choose from than ever before. They only want to see messaging that’s relevant to their needs, and they want to be able to interact with brands on their own terms.

According to multiple studies, roughly 88 percent of people rely on opinions and reviews from their peers when making purchasing decisions. People are also looking to numerous sources for information and spending more time comparing the different options available to them. Customers are beginning their search on Google and then migrating to the various social channels.

While Twitter and Facebook still top the charts for B2C companies, LinkedIn has become the primary platform for B2B companies. With over 500 million active users, LinkedIn has become the epicenter of business content, information and connections. Among those users, 61 million identify as senior level influencers, 40 million identify as decision makers and 6.8 million are C-level executives. With so many decision-makers using LinkedIn daily, B2B professionals who aren’t active on LinkedIn are missing an opportunity to build their brands.

To help professionals capitalize on the benefits of LinkedIn, we’ve written a whitepaper that dives into the topic and offers insights and information. In it, you’ll learn exactly why B2B brands need to be on LinkedIn, how to utilize the platform to display thought leadership, how to optimize a profiled for lead generation and how to reach new prospects with advertising.

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