[SLIDESHARE] Guide to the New York Startup Scene

When the startup boom hit in 1971, Silicon Valley owned the scene as a hub for anyone who worked in tech. Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook paved the way for entrepreneurs and venture capital firms to build businesses in hopes of becoming the next Unicorn (companies with a $1 billion valuation).

Today, the Valley continues to have the highest concentration of startups in the U.S., but it no longer has the dominance it once had in the country.

Enter New York City. The Big Apple is home to some of the country’s top newcomers including Etsy, FanDuel and BuzzFeed. As the industries of media, fashion and finance have evolved over time thanks to startups who have disrupted the legacies within those verticals, the name “Silicon Alley” has become a title that New York proudly claims.

With more startups entering the market, having a successful business model is no longer enough to secure funding. It takes a variety of integrated marketing tactics including PR, digital and social media to stand out in order to show the kind of popularity VCs require before funding new tech companies.

To help you navigate this new landscape, we’re proud to release our new Guide to the New York Startup Scene, a resource on everything you need -  from integrated marketing strategies to a list of co-working spaces and insights into New York’s strategic advantage - to help your startup launch and grow.

To make things easier for you, we’ve embedded the Slideshare right on our website:

We’d love your feedback on our guide. Email us at info@lrgmarketing.com with your thoughts. And for a few examples of B2B tech startups in New York who stand out on social media, read our blog post here.

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